What is WasteID?

WasteID is a powerful and convenient framework for tracking, monitoring and managing waste, as well as the servicing of waste related assets. It is built on Amtac’s QR2id Service, which underpins other similar applications, such as WasteLocate used by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Do I need a special App?

WasteID is a device agnostic web-application, which can be used through most modern web-browsers. However, if you transport waste or service waste related devices, you will want to get the QR2id App on your smart device (phone/tablet). This will enable you to scan QR2id Codes and barcodes at known sources of waste, and at waste facilities. The QR2id App is available for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phones running current versions of the operating systems. A phone/tablet with a minium 5 megapixel camera is required for reliable scanning, and of course it must have GPS.

How do I create an account so I can log in?

Access to WasteID is currently managed by Amtac. Contact us via email (c3VwcG9ydEBXYXN0ZUlELmNvbQ==) or phone (07) 3380 4677 (Int+61-7-3380-4677) to discuss your requirements.

I've forgotten / lost my password

You can reset your password online — click here to reset your password. Please note that after a number of failed login attempts your account will be blocked. Please contact your administrator or support to have your account unlocked, or use the password reset function.
Your password will not be reset until you follow the link in the email. The link in the email will open on your web browser, so if you are using the QR2id App to request a password reset, you will need to reset the password via the browser first. Log-off / close the web browser to avoid any confusion, then login on the QR2id App using the new password you have set.

Can credentials be shared across users?

No. For regulatory compliance reasons, each person who uses WasteID needs to have their own login. Companies can have as many operators in WasteID as they need.

Can WasteID be used anywhere?

Yes (subject to certain qualifications). WasteID is an extremely flexible system that can provide benefits for regulators, waste management authorities, waste transporters, waste generators and property owners. Contact us via email (c3VwcG9ydEBXYXN0ZUlELmNvbQ==) or phone (07) 3380 4677 (Int+61-7-3380-4677) to discuss your requirements

Gold Coast WasteID implementation

Why is Gold Coast using WasteID?

Amtac was selected through public tender to implement WasteID for the electronic recording and reporting of product (tankered wastewater) collection and receival.

When does the change-over to WasteID happen?

The use of WasteID commences on 25 July 2016.

Will my transport company be required to use WasteID?

All transport companies collecting wastewater within the Gold Coast area are required to use the WasteID electronic system.

Is there any cost to use WasteID?

Generally, no. GCW pays for the WasteID service to be used on the Gold Coast. The QR2id App is free to download and, unlike other systems, there is no charge for scanning. Vehicles/trailers transporting liquid waste are required to have QR2id Stickers as part of an efficient workflow, and there is a small cost for these stickers for new vehicles or to replace stickers supplied by GCW.

Can existing barcodes be used?

Current 1D barcode tags can be scanned using the QR2id App. If a problem is experienced in scanning an existing barcode then the surface may need a slight clean before you retry. The Serial Number can also be entered manually into QR2id.com to simulate scanning of any code.

Will the current tags be replaced? By whom?

All new pre-treatment devices will have a new QR2id tag installed by City of Gold Coast employees. Replacement tags will be installed on existing equipment as the current bar code tags become non serviceable, e.g. damaged or painted over.

What about small home septics – will they all require QR2id tags?

No, the solution will manage collections from home septic tanks by recording the geo-location of the device and the driver will need to record some basic information into their smart device at the time of the collection. There are situations where having a QR2id Sticker at even a domestic a waste source can be advantageous, but any such use would be outside the core requirements for GCW.

Will WasteID track the trucks and smart devices?

No, WasteID does not have the functionality to track trucks and smart devices. WasteID will only record the geo-location when a barcode or QR2id Code is scanned, or when a waste collection/dischage is recorded manually on the smart device by the driver (where no barcode or QR2id code is on a device). The QR2id App does buffer the last known location locally on the phone/tablet so that it is available as an approximate location, if the device cannot determine the location when it is required (e.g. in a building basement). No dynamic location history is recorded on the phone or in WasteID.

What support is available?

If a barcode won’t scan or a driver has other technical problems in the field, the WasteID support line (07 3380 4677) is available for all users between the hours of 6am to 6pm.

Who do I contact to get more information?

See the Trade Waste Website email dHJhZGV3YXN0ZUBnb2xkY29hc3QucWxkLmdvdi5hdQ== or call the Wastewater Source Control team on 07 5582 8078.